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Who We Are

The nation’s premier LDN professionals from the fields of clinical medicine, pharmacy and research have come together to create a one of a kind virtual platform with all the resources and customized guidance you’ll need to find success on your journey to health with LDN.

65 Million people in this country, nearly 20% of the US population, suffer from chronic pain, autoimmune disease, and mental health conditions. If you are reading this now, you are likely one of them or know one of them. Just as each of us who came together to create the LDN Center did, you’ve likely been searching for better answers and better solutions -often for years- being no better off than when you began. This is because traditional treatment options are typically only marginally effective, leaving both patients and practitioners frustrated and wishing for a more effective approach, one that is focused on the root causes rather than merely treating the symptoms.

You may be thinking...

what is LDN?

Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN) has shown itself to be what so many of us have been searching for - a simple but powerful, revolutionary way to help the body heal itself. By normalizing the immune system’s ability to function properly, it can greatly reduce the chronic inflammation that is often an underlying principle cause of the ongoing pain, depression and anxiety, and disruption of everyday life that comes with chronic disease.

LDN has helped millions of patients worldwide achieve genuinely amazing results, reducing pain and fatigue, increasing functioning, bringing with it a sense of normality, of a time before the disease began to define and limit our lives.

However, LDN is unique and needs to be customized to the individual

An explosion of recent research has shown that because of its remarkable ability to help optimize the body’s own immune system, LDN is a highly effective treatment option for over 150 different disease states and conditions as diverse as chronic pain, mental health, dermatology, oncology and more.  

Now we know that one-size does not fit all when it comes to LDN.  To be effective we need to match the dose to both the specific disease or condition as well as the individual patient. Instead of a single dose (4.5mg) we now work with over 23 doses ranging from 1 mcg to 8mg, and 15 different dosing protocols customized to your unique disease. The resulting success rate has been elevated to 85-88% across this large spectrum of diseases. This requires a large degree of education specific to LDN on the part of the practitioner.   

...Unfortunately, there is a large "education gap"

Working with a well trained provider and pharmacy who understand LDN is far more than simply writing and filling the prescription and is the single biggest factor in whether or not LDN will succeed for you.

Proper knowledge of LDN and its potential

Education Gap

Success with LDN can be random and unfair

Currently, it depends almost entirely on who you know within medicine and if your practitioner is one of the few who is sufficiently trained in how to guide you through working with LDN.  

However, less than 2% of practitioners have proper knowledge of LDN. It can be as random as geography - whether you live in a rural area or in a major metropolitan area.

Physicians, patients and pharmacists eager to help both themselves and others with chronic and painful diseases

We've learned that success with LDN requires the following:

  • An understanding that a successful outcome isn't as simple as obtaining a prescription for LDN, because we now know that the dosing of LDN must be customized to both the disease and the individual.
  • Success for the patient requires a high level of expertise on the part of your healthcare team, far higher than most traditional medications. Up to 50% of the likelihood of achieving success with LDN is directly correlated to the level of education and experience on the part of the provider as to LDN's unique properties.
  • An additional 30% of a successful LDN treatment program is comprised of implementing a system for monitoring and followup over the course of the initial 3-6 month period as the patient's individual dose is achieved. On average, 4.5 dose changes are required to achieve therapeutic success which must be guided by the knowledge of how to specifically customize LDN to meet each patient's needs. 
  • It is critical to work with an educated compounding pharmacy to act as a guide for both you and your practitioner. They serve as a key part of your healthcare team to advise your practitioner and you on what you need to know to optimize LDN's ability to help you.
  • Having a plan that is unique and customized to the individual and their needs.

Our Why

The researchers, physicians, and pharmacists that came together to form this nationwide network of professionals all share seeing first-hand what LDN can do in the lives of their patients—often helping when every other treatment option had been tried and failed. They also shared a profound frustration that the knowledge of LDN's remarkable abilities were not more widely known in mainstream medicine. 

They began to share their individual LDN journeys, both personal and professional and realized that by joining forces to share their expertise, they could create a comprehensive, virtual set of LDN resources to become the definitive standard for the utilization of LDN that could revolutionize the treatment of LDN patients in this country. 

The patients who lives have been transformed, and the suffering of those who have yet to be, serve as the inspiration for everything that comes next. We believe we have found the solution. To have a chance to help others heal is a privilege - it is the reason we chose the careers we did. LDN represents a once in a career opportunity to change the lives of those who are suffering most.

Our Solution...


We know how critically important a customized health journey is to optimize your success with LDN. This is why it is so important to work with a health care team that knows how to differentiate you from other people with your same condition and create an LDN journey unique to you and your needs. 

It is equally important to empower yourself and to take action on your own behalf. We have created the tools and resources you'll see below to empower you to begin your own unique journey with LDN by first selecting your practitioner from a nationwide list of LDN accredited providers, available to you either locally or virtually. Select from our extensive resources that are of greatest interest to you. 

This platform was designed to provide you with the most comprehensive coordinated care available anywhere (with no fee). Regardless of where you live or the medical care in your immediate area, we can provide you access to the nation's foremost LDN practitioners to provide you with a Customized Health Care Plan to optimize your chance for success.

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FIRST,  check out our Learning Modules to get targeted information on LDN and your condition.

EDUCATE yourself on how LDN can help yourself and others via the most comprehensive set of LDN resources available with guided learning video modules specific to your condition! This database is continually updated with the latest LDN advancements.

CONNECT to a nationwide network of support groups of patients taking LDN, as well as those focused on your specific condition.

KEEP CURRENT on the rapidly growing list of new uses for LDN, the newest research, it's presence in the national media, as well as a comprehensive calendar of in-person and online seminars.


LEARN about the vital role supplements can play in enhancing LDN's effectiveness, treating your disease, and health promotion. 

EDUCATE yourself on how CBD can work together with LDN to enhance the success of both.

EXPLORE how basic lifestyle changes can enhance your overall health and wellbeing.


A comprehensive library of topics relevant to overall health, searchable by disease or condition as well as various supplements and treatments. 

Meet The Team

We created The LDN Center - a comprehensive, virtual educational platform to bring together patients with the Nation’s best LDN practitioners and pharmacists to give you the greatest chance of success in your LDN journey.

Asher Goldstein, MD

medical director

Steve Anderson

Pharmacy director

spencer smith

director of operations

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